Summer Infant Monkey Jungle Baby Crib Bedding Sets

Baby SleepAttractively designed with a jungle theme, the Summer Infant baby crib bedding sets make for a great option when looking for a comfortable baby crib bedding for your precious child. Customers at the Amazon site like this particular collection, citing affordability and quality as its best features.

Summer Infant Monkey Jungle Baby Crib Bedding Sets Key Features

4-Piece Pack – The package contains all the basic necessities of a comfortable crib. It has a sheet, comforter, crib skirt, and crib bumpers.

  • Adjustable – This will fit most standard-sized cribs.
  • Multi-functional Design – Aside from providing for a comfortable sleeping environment, it also helps in minimizing your baby’s exposure to danger as the gaps in the crib are covered and eliminated from view.
  • Safety Measures – Unlike other models of baby crib bedding sets, this collection doesn’t have a pillow-like quality. It is therefore considered safe even for infants.

Exciting Jungle Theme!

This particular baby bedding crib set is loaded with animal images. It has pictures of monkeys, zebras, giraffes, and lions printed all over the pieces. The colors are bright, vivid, and attractive, enabling it to provide a dazzling environment for your little angel. The baby’s first introduction to animals can even be accomplished by this crib set.

A Closer Look at the Quality

Baby crib bedding should be comfortable and safe as your child’s health and life greatly depend on it. As we all know, babies are helpless and defenseless against their environment; so it is our duty to watch out for them and make sure that they are always sleeping and playing in a safe place.

The Monkey Jungle Collection crib set is made from cotton and polyester materials which are comfortable to the skin. Your baby can therefore sleep soundly when he or she is placed inside the crib. Aside from the soft texture, this baby crib bedding also protects your child from those dangerous gaps and slats that may be present on the crib. The layers of protection ensure that your baby will not get caught up in tight places that can cause injuries and mishaps.

Cute Design

There’s no doubt about it that this is an adorable baby crib bedding set. The colors are great and the pictures are alive and inviting. It also has an overall neutral color, so it can easily blend with any type of room décor. The happy faces of animals can even cheer up the adults that are looking after their baby.

Monkey Jungle Baby Crib Bedding

Versatile Baby Crib Bedding Sets

It’s hard to find bedding that can accommodate the needs and requirements of both genders. But this particular collection can accomplish that as its colors look good on babies whether they are boys or girls. In fact, it also makes for a great gift since you can give it to expecting mothers even if the gender of their upcoming baby is still unknown.

Bargain Baby Crib Bedding Sets

Times are hard, and we all want to economize as much as we can. But then, we shouldn’t compromise our babies’ comfort and safety. This collection is reasonably priced, and it comes with 4 pieces of comfortable beddings to ensure that your baby will be sleeping well. And even as he or she starts to grow up, the beddings can still be used during playtime inside the crib.


  • Affordable – You can get this at the Amazon site for less than $60.
  • Attractive Design – Your baby will love waking up and looking around at attractive faces of monkeys, giraffes, lions, and zebras.
  • Complete Set – As this is a 4-piece set, you get a crib sheet, crib skirt, comforter, and crib bumper. It’s like getting four pieces of beddings for the price of one.
  • Adjustable – You can use this baby crib bedding on almost all sizes of cribs.
  • Firm but Soft – The texture of the beddings are soft and comfortable, but these do not carry that pillow quality which can be very dangerous for babies (especially infants).
  • Versatile – The crib set goes well with any nursery room decoration, and it’s also suitable for both genders as it has a neutral color.


  • Bumper Issues – Some customers are not that happy with the bumper piece in this collection. Apparently, they found the crib bumpers to be quite thin as this section is not padded enough.
  • Easily Fades – There were some reports of the beddings fading in color after washing. So make sure that you use mild detergent and gentle cycle when you wash this set.

Bottom Line

Because of its great value and usefulness, we are highly recommending this product. You can save a lot of money by getting this particular collection as it comes with 4 pieces of beddings for your little one. It comes with a sheet and comforter to ensure maximum comfort for your child, and the crib skirt adds beauty and functionality to your baby’s crib too. And the accompanying crib bumper also provides for a safe environment for your precious little angel as the gaps and slats between railings are effectively covered.

It may not have that pillow-soft quality that would have made it more comfortable, but studies have revealed that this design can be dangerous for little children. The Summer Infant Monkey Jungle baby crib bedding sets are designed in such a way that babies are placed in a comfortable and safe environment all the time.

Dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition when you have such a long-term disabling tiredness (fatigue). It is commonly that people with this kind of syndrome also have one or more other symptoms such as poor concentration, hard headache, and disturbed sleep pattern. What causes chronic fatigue syndrome is unknown. All people can possibly suffer this syndrome, but mostly is twenties to mid-forties.

Chronic fatigue syndrome can affect anyone. A survey estimates that the syndrome affects about one person in 300 people in the UK. Men and women have the same possibility to suffer this syndrome. It usually touches people in the early twenties to mid-forties. However, the case in children is also ever identified. It is hard to identify this syndrome since no test that is able to prove whether you suffer this syndrome or not. Symptoms you bring are the only hint for doctor to diagnose you.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

No exact thing causes chronic fatigue syndrome, or it tends to be unknown. There are some theories try to reveal this mystery, but none has been proved. One most popular theory is that it hypothesizes a viral infection happens that trigger such condition. There is no strong evidence to prove this hypothesis. Besides, some factors are believed to contribute to people developing CFS and make CFS worse:

Factors that are thought to contribute to people developing CFS include:

  • Inherited genetic susceptibility (it is more common in some families).
  • Viral infections such as glandular fever.
  • Exhaustion and mental stress.
  • Depression.
  • A traumatic event that stimulate depression.

The following factors are thought to make CFS worse:

  • Recurring infections with viral or bacterial germs.
  • Not being active enough, or even being too active.
  • Stress.
  • Poor diet.
  • Being socially isolated and/or feeling frustrated and depressed.
  • Environmental pollution.

Unfortunately, doctors have not known cure for chronic fatigue syndrome. However, you will be helped by some treatment arrangements to ease the symptoms. Specialists will be your reference in supporting you with the treatments. The treatment will require you to consistently do the treatment for such long enough time. It indeed takes time, but you need to do it in discipline. Once you skip the treatment, it will cut the chain of your recovery. You will need to rearrange the treatment again from the beginning.

Graded Exercise Therapy (GET)

Graded exercise therapy is one gradual treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome. This therapy or treatment will put you in progressive increase in exercise or physical activities such as swimming, walking, or stretching. You will have increased level of activities regularly depend on your respond to the activities. GET provides you structures treatment that you can easily monitor relates to your chronic fatigue syndrome.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive therapy is based on the idea that certain ways of thinking that can fuel certain health problems. This therapy will suggest you with many positive thinking. Behavioral therapy has purpose to change any paradigm that are harmful or not helpful. Afterward, therapist will direct you to live with positive behavior. CBT combines cognitive and behavioral therapy. CBT has been proven to self-heal people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

How To Breastfeed?

How to BreastfeedHow to breastfeed? This sounds like a very simple question, and some people think it’s instinctive. But the truth is every woman and baby must learn how to breastfeed.

It is instinctive to want to feed your newborn, love them, cuddle them, keep them warm and clean. And your newborn has several reflexes to help them learn to nurse, like the rooting reflex, which they do when their searching for your breast. They also have a crawling reflex, sucking and swallowing reflex.

But still you both need to learn and it takes time to figure it out. And like anything you want to learn it helps to have a guide or a teacher and a support person. It helps so much to have someone who has “been their done that” to help you through the bumps you may encounter along the way. Books and the internet can also be helpful resources.

Why Do I Need To Learn How To Breastfeed?

It seems that in the past or in countries where breastfeeding is generalized the transition is easier. The reason is simple. Imagine as a little girl watching your mother, aunts, sisters, and every other woman in your society nurse their children. Everything you saw helped teach you how to hold, feed and be with your baby. And when you grew up and had your first baby, there was a group of experienced mothers around to support you.
Today in the USA and other Western Countries, we are coming from a generation where the majority of mothers did not breastfeed.

Even many of our grandmothers did not breastfeed. The culture of Breastfeeding has disintegrated to the point that we no longer learn this skill from our relatives. So if we want to learn what used to be passed on from mother to daughter we need to find another way to learn. Today, more and more women are making the choice to breastfeed their babies and many of these women are finding breastfeeding classes and groups help them a lot to make it feel natural again. Fortunately if you are well informed and prepared, breastfeeding will be like learning how to change diapers or putting on a complicated wrap sling!

Here you will find everything you need about breastfeeding.

Choosing a Cellulite Remedy

Are you looking for a cellulite remedy? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of women suffer from this problem, which is characterized by its dimpled appearance. You may have heard cellulite described as having a cottage cheese or orange peel appearance. This is because cellulite occurs when fat gets stored in pockets underneath honeycomb shaped fibrous connective tissue called septae. The fat expands around the septae and pokes through the holes, causing the dimpling. The most common areas for cellulite are the hips, thighs and buttocks.

Cellulite RemedyBecause the exact causes of cellulite are not known, the exact cures are also not known. However, there are a wide variety of theorized caused and cures. For example, some experts think cellulite is caused by things like age, genetics, hormones, weight, toxins and circulatory problems. Any one of these things, or a combination of them, could be the cause of your cellulite. There are also plenty of supposed remedies for the problem. Some people think that cosmetic surgery such as liposuction can remove cellulite. Others swear by cellulite reducing creams and wraps.

It’s important to understand that lipo cannot remove cellulite and may even make it look worse. In addition, it is painful and expensive. Cellulite creams may temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite by removing excess water weight or thickening the skin to conceal the dimpled fat. However, they are not going to be able to permanently remove the cellulite from the body. As far as body wraps are concerned, they’re another temporary fix. These wraps compress the fat and help the body eliminate water weight, which may offer short term improvement. Some day spas also offer massages that are designed to stimulate the circulation, flush away toxins and reduce the look of cellulite.
Many experts think that the most effective way to treat cellulite is with exercise.

Exercise has many benefits for the body and mind. It helps to burn fat, improves blood flow and releases endorphins. When combined with targeted strength training, cardiovascular activity can help flush away cellulite and reduce its appearance. You may want to combine exercise with another cellulite remedy like one of the creams or wraps. Another option is a procedure called Endermologie, which can temporarily smooth the skin with a combination of suction and pressure. When used in conjunction with an effective exercise plan, it may help decrease the appearance of cellulite over time.

Best Weight Loss Program for Women

Best Program Weight LossThe best way to increase your diet plan and keep your best weight is usually to prevent processed food and processed food items and increase new vegetables, grains and fiber for your diet plan. Have sophisticated sugars inside the develop oat meal. Cornflakes, whole wheat grains noodles or dark brown breads are perfect for your morning meal. A window of skimmed milk products, scrambled/boiled chicken eggs is useful for you. Likewise incorporate an apple company or possibly a banana each morning (A diet and nutrition PDF manual – Venus Factor reviews)

You’re not visualizing issues. Aggravating because it is, there is a handful of factors why it’s tougher for females to lower lbs. To begin with, guys normally have a lot more muscular mass than perform. And also, since a lot more muscles imply a quicker sleeping fat burning capacity, men’s physiques by natural means burn fat at the speedier amount. Retain the caloric depend on check out although experiencing middle dinner snack food items.

You could have healthy proteins cocktails, grain crackers and plenty of fruit for snack foods. Improve consumption of lemon or lime fruit (grapefruits, oranges, lemons and berries and many others) whenever you can and beverage a lots of drinking water. , puffed rice can also be wholesome for ladies looking to lose weight. Popcorn and Peanuts

Shedding weight with exercise and diet is fairly achievable if you do not suffer from any key overall health problems. If you are fit from within, the process of the surgeries, liposuction, etc., are not at all required. You ought to adhere to a diet plan composed of natural salads and vegetables, lemon or lime fresh fruits plus a good amount of drinking water. Execute workout routines within the advice of your own health and fitness instructor to protect yourself from any kind of muscles accidents on your middle of the age group.

If you ready your foods in the home you can actually manage the components that you devote your diet. I might also claim that you bring healthier snack foods along with you while you are out in order that you will not get lured to drop by a speedy meals cafe and try to eat harmful. Naturally, girls can and do effectively lose weight. It really will take a tad bit more energy by you.

Venus Factor

Cardio exercises are must if you seriously want to lose weight. It varieties the foundation of the weight reduction plan. Although carrying out aerobic, you could think that your energy is becoming burned. Some superb cardiovascular workouts involve swimming, dancing, running, walking, jogging and cycling strike boxing, and so on. Before indulging yourself into any form of exercises, you must do cardio at least for 30 minutes.